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Routh Hurwitz array

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Routh-Hurwitz method for determining the stability of a system from characteristic polynomial of its



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Given the coefficients of the characteristic polynomial the Routh-Hurwitz array is created and printed. Additionally, this method shows some results from the array relating to the stability of the system.

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li fuli

when i call Routh_H([1,1,1,1,1]),
it return

Error using cell
Conversion to cell from sym is not possible.

Error in Routh_H (line 96)
Table = cell(limit(Table,e,0,'right'));

please check!

Jie Fang

a general method

Andre Wood

dude, u'r awesome. Thanx so much

Duane Hanselman

How many of these do we need, especially since this is an academic exercise? There must be at least a half dozen of these on the FEX.
all(real(roots(p)))<0 returns true if the roots of the polynomial having coefficients in row vector p are in the left half plane.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.5 (R2007b)

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