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Simple Audio Editor

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Simple Audio Editor



09 May 2008 (Updated )

This is a simple audio editor GUI to read, write, cut, copy, paste, filter and analyze audio data.

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File Information

AudioEditor creates a GUI used for editing audio data. It supports reading from a WAVE audio file, writing to a WAVE audio file, importing from a MATLABĀ® variable, exporting to a MATLAB variable and recording from microphone. There are editing features like cut, copy, paste with undo and redo support for them. There are also filters to process the audio data and analyzers to analyze the data.
You can start the audio editor by typing AudioEditor at the command prompt.

Required Products Signal Processing Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.6 (R2008a)
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Comments and Ratings (16)
19 Jul 2016 Jonathan

Hi. When I try to run AudioEditor.m I get the following error:

AudioEditor:File Reader
"Expected input number 2, range, to be an array with number of columns equal to 2."

The edit will still come up but I get the same error when I try to read a .wav file.

Ideas? Thanks.


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21 Jun 2015 eran golden

hi navan, is it possible to compare two signals and to estimate their similarity using your program?

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18 Nov 2014 Yu Liu

Yu Liu (view profile)

18 Jul 2014 Navan Ruthramoorthy

Selection code is in axesButtonDownCallback method. You can instantiate AudioEditor in a function and simply return the value.

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10 Jul 2014 tan

tan (view profile)

ohh, how can i do that? And may i know which part of the codes does the job of after selected an region, and click the waveform again the red line will reset?

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08 Jul 2014 Navan Ruthramoorthy

tan, Are you building your own ui with copy paste functionality? Look for cutCallback, copyCallback and pasteCallback in AudioEditor.m to see how they are implemented. You can create a function which creates and returns AudioEditor.

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03 Jul 2014 tan

tan (view profile)

How to change the class file to function file? for the functions of paste copy cut undo redo and select wave. or how to use those function into a new gui

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12 Dec 2013 Mike

Mike (view profile)

Ah that makes sense. Thanks again.

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09 Dec 2013 Navan Ruthramoorthy

Currently command line inputs are not supported by AudioEditor. The class is there only to create the GUI and everything else is done through the UI. You can add a filename input as an argument to the constructor by modifying the AudioEditor class. You need to assign

this.Filename = varargin{1};

as the first line in the constructor.

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07 Dec 2013 Mike

Mike (view profile)

Hello again. I'm new to user defined classes and I've been having difficulty understanding how to start AudioEditor with a file already in a function as opposed to loading it from the 'Data' tab in the GUI.

Is there a way that I can just assign 'Filename' in 'varargin' in the constructor function? From what I've read that function creates an object, 'this,' of the class but I don't understand what it's doing with 'varargin'.

I've been playing around with the 'Filename' property using uigetfile and it works when calling AudioEditor from the Command Window but not from within a function. I always get the answer, "AudioEditor with no properties."

Lastly I tried setting the 'Filename' with "AudioEditor.Filename = 'test.wav'" before calling 'AudioEditor' but that just resulted in an output of "Filename: 'test.wav'.

Should I be looking to modify 'getFromMATLABVarNameandFs.m' to accomplish this?

Also, could you explain the difference between Filename, AudioData, and filename?

Thanks for your help,


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03 Dec 2013 Mike

Mike (view profile)

Thanks! That did the trick.

03 Dec 2013 Navan Ruthramoorthy

In the file AudioEditor.m change the line "load audiotoolbaricons;" to "load uiscope_icons;". That should fix it.

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03 Dec 2013 Mike

Mike (view profile)

Hello Navan, thanks for the program.

I'm receiving the error: "Unable to read file 'audiotoolbaricons': no such file or directory."

Do you have any suggestions on what I need to do to point to this?

Thank you.

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10 Apr 2012 Arturo Serrano

Arturo Serrano (view profile)

01 Feb 2011 Mark

Mark (view profile)

Works great right out of the gate. Simple to use. Thanks!

14 Jan 2011 Aleksandr Ivanov

Excellent work!

14 May 2008

Updated description.

01 Sep 2016

Updated license

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