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Digital Filters with MATLAB

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Tutorial on digital filter design and implementation with MATLAB.

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This document constitutes a tutorial on design and implementation of
digital filters in MATLAB. The tutorial is based on functionality from the
Filter Design Toolbox.
The document covers the design of FIR and IIR single-rate and mul-
tirate filters. It also discusses advanced design techniques such as multi-
rate/multistage decimation/interpolation and the use of special multirate
filters such as allpass-based polyphase IIR filters, CIC filters, and Farrow
The tutorial focuses on practical aspects of filter design and implemen-
tation, and on the advantages and disadvantages of the different design
algorithms. The theory behind the design algorithms is kept to a minimal.

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J Lapierre


I am in need of an source code than can be used to implement an multistage multi rate filter, can any one help me.


Rodney (view profile)


harsh (view profile)

nice work
my fundamentals are now clear
sir I am interested in deconvolution wiener filter
can u help me out


Bin (view profile)

really a great thing to study into!

Faisol Riza

Thank you for sharing your knowledge, Terimakasih. It is so complete


xp (view profile)

muchas gracias!!!

Tanyer Alan

Tanyer Alan (view profile)

wu yan

wu yan (view profile)

Thanks a lot!

mamatha kr

really interesting and good work

Abhijeet Kulkarni

This is the first time that i am finding filter design so easier.

Marcos Carnevali

Estou iniciando aprendizado de forma autodidática, estou aprendendo muito com seu trabalho excelente !!!
muito obrigado por compartilhar...

Excellent, Great work !!!

Thank you ...

ahmed sayed

Greak work

guan wenye

Great job!
makes the concept very clear
Thanks for your nice work!


Updated license


Fixed captions on some of the figures in Chapter 5.
Removed subsection on transition region anomalies.

Added chapter on IIR implementation.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.6 (R2008a)

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