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text2im.m converts a passed text string to a matrix which contains the the string as an image (simpl

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Text2Im converts a passed string to a bw-image.

Often it is necessary to burn in annotations in evaulated images. Since I didn't found an easy solution to do so, I wrote this programm to generate an image array which then can be easily integrated in an image arry (for example via implace.m from ).

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Ran Kafri

Umair Mukati

Good work

Dalibor Knis


i tried this code. but i'm getting one babys image may be some wrong with my main program.
can you tell me how to write the main program.?


Can i get the source code please...


Worked perfectly! Allowed me to easily solve the problem of including text in an image. Thank you so much!

ted p teng

ted p teng (view profile)

Bram vd H

Works perfectly, thanks!

Aby Mathew

Thanks, It realy helped me,
Note, I changed it a little bit and submitted it again here:
Thanks again.

Gus Lott

Works beautifully

Tilman Sumpf

wow, thanks for doing the hard work :)

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