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Dual Core Blackfin Application Example

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Target both cores of a BF561 microprocessor with Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder



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This example application shows you how to use Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder to target a dual core Blackfin microprocessor. The complete build is managed by a template makefile and control over the memory regions is provided by custom storage classes. The example imposes a top level architecture on the model to define the split of model code between the two cores. This document describes a complete run-through of the model from Simulink simulation to code simulation using VisualDSP. I think it will take about 1 hour to go through the example once you have VisualDSP installed.
The submission contains a file readme.html that gives a full description of the application example.

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Ali Alsaqqa

First I would like to thankMark for this great example. But I wish he could replace the protected files with .m files, because unless we see what we use, there is no way to fully utilize it.

Thanks again.

P.s. please update to Matlab 2013.

Ali Alsaqqa


Updated license


Now R2009b compatible.

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MATLAB 7.9 (R2009b)

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