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Lambda-Physik FL3002 GPIB Instrument Drivers

Lambda-Physik FL3002 GPIB Instrument Drivers



15 May 2008 (Updated )

Provides a basic command set to control the FL3001/2 dye laser over GPIB.

% This function was written by Tom Spinka on Sept. 28, 2007 for converting
% the stacked-ascii format of position in the Lambda-Physik FL3001/3002 Dye
% Laser to an integer position count.

function ConvertedOutput = DyeLaserAsciiToDec(ConvertInput)

StrLen = length(ConvertInput);
ConvertMid = ConvertInput;

for n = 1:StrLen
    ConvertMid(StrLen + 1 - n) = dec2hex(ConvertInput(n) - 'A');
ConvertedOutput = hex2dec(ConvertMid);

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