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Sinusoidal PWM for Three Phase Inverter (SPWM Inverter)

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SPWM technique for Three Phase Inverter

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SPWM technique for Three Phase Inverter. Analysis fundamental improvement with respect to modulation index variation is done in simulation. Analysis can be done also for switching frequency variation for shifting the dominant harmonics

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I would like to know how to open the zipx file too..
this is my email
thank you...

Ing amr

use 7zip to open the file it worked for me

Emil Hansen

Use Winzip to unzip the file. When the model is open then insert a "powergui" element and then model is ready to go.

I couldn't open it !

Please help me, not able to open this file. If possible mail me on

how can i open this file


Kim (view profile)

I'm pretty new to simulink so please teach me how to start this file. I can't understand simpowersystems and power gui block.


Mattia (view profile)



divya (view profile)

good thanks



hey how can i extract the zipx file??kindly help me..thanks!


aswini (view profile)

click on simpowersystems. you would find power gui block. drag and drop it into the simulation


Simone (view profile)

I have a problem ... when I run the simulation reflected the following error
'The diagram must contain power gui block'
Can anyone help me? it's urgent...



i want to known how can change modulation index? because any number i insert the output still same (1)


papoo (view profile)

it's a piece of crap if nobody can see it!
what's this? funny show?

Jabbar Yahaya

same problem here can you guide me on opening the zipx file



Jabbar Yahaya

shailaja p

i need pwm techiques if any one have plz forward it to my mail id,my mail id or


I would like to know how to open the zipx file too..

this is my email

thank you...


I have an error to run the program.
Error: The diagram must contain power gui block.

I am pretty new to simulink. please provide details if any



I would like to know how to open the zipx file.

My email id :



I tried to open the file but I'm receiving errors. could you please help me on how to open it my email is

one woman I am not able to open the file it shows error in in the file. please help me thank you

thank you


deepak (view profile)

can u guide how to download this email id

mat mat

hi, i am really interested to view the files. but i can,t unzip it. can someone teach me how.

hi. can u teach me how to unzip a zipx file.

thank you fo uploading this filme, but I do not know how to unizp a zipx file!?

Naveen Kumar

Please check the excellent PWM technique. It may be usefull to all


this is too good your involvement is appreciable


Sonny (view profile)

very easy to follow how an ideal SPWM 3-phase inverter generates harmonics. good education. thanks!


hey friends can u guide me in downloading this file.....i want full article
thanks in advance
my id

suresh babu

Ganesh Kumar

dear sir
i am happy to say abt the mathlab central file exchange it is very help ful to all the engg student okay if i have any help means i want ur id for further details
thanking u
With regards
+91 94439 00133

Sridhar Nair

Good Analysis

Mahesh Kumar

Fine and good analysis

mujie ?

Ramash Kumar

Good analysis and basically easy to understant the inverter with sinusoidal pwm technique.

Ganesh Kumar

Really a excellent work first time i am viewing the fundamental from square wave output of inverter. Its a really good to me a budding electrical engineer

Vijea Lakshmy

Excellent work for understanding the inverter operation and observing the fundamental details. Its a really excellent work for power electronics engineers



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