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Labelled histogram

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Plots the histogram for the observations, but grouped by labels.



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Imagine that you have a set of observations that have been properly labelled. It should be interesting not only to analyze the data pdf but also to study the weigth of each class (observations' labels) to each one of the histogram bins. In this way I have developed a version of HIST, that is called LHIST. This new function plots the histogram for the observations grouping them in M bins. In addition, it accounts for the different elements that are present in each bin grouping them by LABELS.

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Graham Bortz

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for this function. Seeing that you have provided me with such value , can you show me how to use this function ( lhist) within the gplotmatrix function to do the scatter plots with the classes ( labels) of different colors , and integrate your lhist function on the diagonals. This would therefore give a class based plotmatrix , something which should be included in the examples on the Matlab documentation. Authors have presented this type of visualisation in Mathematica.

I keenly await your response

Thank You
Graham Bortz


Tom (view profile)

in the example , gsamp does not exist.


Bug fixed

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MATLAB 7.6 (R2008a)

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