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Google Earth COM API (Example)

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Connect to the Google Earth COM API



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Here are some functions that show how to connect to the Google Earth COM API from within Matlab.

This allows one to change camera views, add and control the display of KML features from within Matlab.

A few functions are given to show how one might use this COM API to control Google Earth.

Use ge=GEserver to start the Google Earth COM API server.

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Bruno Dias



Walter (view profile)

Very useful....Thanks for sharing!

I am also interested in knowing if there is a way of deleting a GE feature after being created. Thank you!!

Great job!!!

I found these files to be extremely helpful. Especially GEcamera.m. I am attempting to place a Google Earth Active X object on a Matlab GUI and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with that. If someone could submit any sample code that deals with the GE Active X objects I would greatly appreciate it.

Brad Petersen

Very useful and well documented. Very straightforward to use. Is there a way to delete a GE feature once it has been created?

Sameh Abdelwahab

Thank you very much for this simple well documented project. It made it much easier than using the COM components directly. However, I faced some crashes in Google Earth. I don't know weather this was from GE itself or the matlab interface.

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