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B-spline Grid, Image and Point based Registration

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B-spline Grid, Image and Point based Registration


Dirk-Jan Kroon (view profile)


26 May 2008 (Updated )

B-spline registration of two 2D / 3D images or corrsp. points, affine and with smooth b-spline grid.

function Dlocal=jacobiandet_transform_2d_double(Ox,Oy,Isize,dx,dy)
% Determinant of the Jacobian of the  transformation grid 
% [Iout,Tx,Ty]=bspline_transform_2d_double(Ox,Oy,Isize,dx,dy)
% Inputs,
%   Ox, Oy : are the grid points coordinates
%   Isize : The size of the input image [m n] or in 3d [m n k]
%   dx and dy :  are the spacing of the b-spline knots

% Make all x,y indices

% Calulate the transformation of all image coordinates by the b-sline grid
O_trans(:,:,1)=Ox; O_trans(:,:,2)=Oy;

[Tlocal,Dlocal]=bspline_trans_points_double(O_trans,[dx dy],[x(:) y(:)],false);

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