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Bacterial Foraging

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Bacterial foraing is used to find optimal solution

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The Bacterial foraging technique is used in many way of control system. Here i used the bacterial foraging to get the global minimum solution of Live function. Where it is used that has 760 local minimum solution.

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ahmed ismail

Dear Wael

i have this error
Error using *
Inner matrix dimensions must

Error in fn (line 9)

Error in BG (line 59)

hanan ahmed

is good


ahmad (view profile)

weak organisation

Dilraj Meena

it's ok ,but how can we set up the range of Feasible solution??

Dimitri Shvorob

I think only the author understands what this script is doing - in particular, why one needs 5-dimensional arrays. Typical novice work: loops galore and no time for spell-check.

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