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A simple CPPI strategy in MATLAB

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Backtesting of a CPPI strategy



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In this set of files, I propose a simple CPPI (Constant Proportion Portfolio insurance) implementation. One can run the backtesting of such a strategy, playing with the parameters of the strategy such as Multiplier (Risk Exposure), or Smoothing factor.
A set of slides brifly reminf the basics of a CPPI strategy.

This package offer 2 versions (with of course the same underlying strategy) : A script M-file, intended to be published (CPPI.m) and a version with a user interface, but less visualization. This UI version could typically be compiled using MathWorks deployment tools.

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Siqi (view profile)

I am using this file to learn CPPI! Very useful for a beginner like me

Dimitri Shvorob

I think both the code and the presentation could be improved. I don't insist on classes, but one could at least use 'dataset('xlsfile',..' to read the spreadsheet. How about something more interesting, Vincent?


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MATLAB 7.5 (R2007b)

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