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SDOxlsIF: Excel Interface API for Simulink Data Object

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SDOxlsIF: Useful M-File functions to interface Simulink Data Object with Microsoft Excel worksheet.



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SDOxlsIF is a set of three M-File functions.

XLSREADSDO enables you to load workspace variables of Simulink Data Object from Excel worksheets.
XLSWRITESDO enables you to save workspace variables of Simulink Data Object to Excel worksheets.

For each package you will use, you should prepare a definition file on your MATLAB path
to define information about how SDOxlsIF works. The definition file can be either
XLS file or MAT file. Through the definition file, you can customize and also localize
your own Excel workbooks. XLSSDOINFO returns the information obtained from the definition file.

SDOxlsIF has already treated following Simulink data classes.

(1) any subclasses of some Simulink classes created by Simulink Data Class Designer
(2) Any classes that Simulink package contains

SDOxlsIF does not use MATLAB functions xlsread/xlswrite/xlsinfo,
and invokes only native methods of Excel OLE Automation server.
In this way, I could fix some problems and cut out some redundant
processes in these functions.

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Baker Michael

The name of the fifth sheet of 'SDOxlsIF_V100\SDOxlsIF\sample_ENG\TestFile_ENG.xls' should be changed otherwise MATLAB will through "Abstract classes cannot be instantiated. Class 'Simulink.StructType' is declared as Abstract." .

Istvan Rusics


I've tried to run your ENG example, but there is an error at the StructType section.
"Abstract classes cannot be instantiated. Class 'Simulink.StructType' is declared as Abstract."


nlogn (view profile)



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