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whoami: a pedestrian user id retriever

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whoami: a pedestrian user id retriever


us (view profile)


17 Jun 2008 (Updated )

whoami displays a full user id and retrieves system properties

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File Information

WHOAMI displays a long user id (LID) in the form
WHOAMI optionally returns various system properties including a short user id (SID), which only contains static information about the current system
programmers can easily create their own IDs or change the built-in formats, which may be a useful tag in source control

example of the short output (note: formatting will most likely be bad)

>> w=whoami;
>> w
        magic: 'WHOAMI'
    WHOAMIver: '18-Jun-2008 13:47:52'
        MLver: ''
      runtime: '18-Jun-2008 14:02:09'
          sid: '%us|USZ|ws-nos-36362|x86|Windows XP|'
          lid: [1x77 char]
         name: 'us'
       domain: 'USZ'
         host: 'ws-nos-36362'
           ip: 'xxx.yyy.141.135'
       osarch: 'x86'
       osname: 'Windows XP'
        osver: '5.1'


>> help whoami

for further explanations of the self-explanatory snippet


This file inspired Get User Name.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7 (R14)
Other requirements the java engine must be loaded; the code was tested on various wintel systems only but SHOULD run on other systems as well
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Comments and Ratings (9)
07 Oct 2010 Amit Batifkoff

It has handles leak.

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29 Dec 2009 us

us (view profile)

az nephi,
quite correct...
but this is only a small part of WHOAMI's output/capabilities...

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10 Dec 2009 Az Nephi

if (isunix)
user = getenv('USER');
user = getenv('username');

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26 Jan 2009 Kevin J. Delaney

Works great on my Windows system! Nicely done.

21 Jun 2008 John D'Errico

(Tested the original version.) Does not require a wintel system. I just tested it on my mac - runs fine.

20 Jun 2008 Urs (us) Schwarz

an enhanced version was uploaded several days ago but, unfortunately, has not shown up yet... if you seriously consider using this snippet, please wait until this update is ready (there will be a screenshot)...

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18 Jun 2008 w s

Works like a charm! As we are USed to...

17 Jun 2008 Urs (us) Schwarz

dear D Slav
thank you for your catchy comments...
firstly, i did not say requires wintel systems, i simply said: tested on wintel systems - after all it's using java...

then, i'd be very interested to see those two lines you mention... very interested...

did you even look at/run the snippet...

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17 Jun 2008 D Slav

Really poor!! and requires "wintel systems". User can get all this info with two lines of code of some extension, and without requirements!

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