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crop whitespace from an image

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CROP gets rid of whitespace around an image



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CROP(FILENAME,APPEND,MARGIN) is the full calling form. APPEND and MARGIN are optional inputs.

CROP('filename.ext') crops the image in the file and saves it using the original filename, overwriting the old image. The extension (ext) can be anything IMREAD supports.

CROP(directory) crops all images in a directory.

If APPEND is 1, CROP saves the cropped image as 'filename_crop.ext' in the same directory as the original.

MARGIN sets the margin width in pixels (default is 10).

Example: crop('C:\MATLAB7\toolbox\matlab\demos\html\cruller_01.png',1)

Requirements: your FIND must allow the 'last' option (version 7+?)

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Leon (view profile)


Rollo (view profile)

Amazing. Thanks so much for this


Michal (view profile)

reza vahid

I have numerical result from PDE in include (U,x,y)
that (x,y)=[-1,1]*[-1,1] mesh! and U is answer PDE, how can use this function !
Please any example or tip ! let me know !!


Love this script. Use it all the time, brilliant.


Ben (view profile)

Can I nominate this for script of the year? This is amazing. I wish I knew about this script earlier.


Just Perfect, thanks!


Dani (view profile)

where is the file???? anybody send me on my email id?
thanks in advance..

Andrew Bliss

Andrew Bliss (view profile)

Johan- it shouldn't change the colors. Can you give more details or an example file?


Johan (view profile)

Very helpful but does anybody know why it changes the colours of the picture ?


Leo (view profile)

Very useful. Works like a charm.


Sean (view profile)


Nice job, thanks very much.


ali (view profile)

I tried savefig but it doesn't crop, this one works great! Keeps me from manually cropping every time with another software

Mohsen Jamali

Works very nice, thanks.


Maja (view profile)

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

even coil

very helpful, thank you

I wish I had found this earlier. This could have saved me manually cropping about 300 images already, but atleast still saves the next 700.

Mike Hoff

Wow! This just saved me a wealth of time, Thank you so much!!! No more opening each image one by one in Picture Manager and manually cropping

Maider Marin

very usefull, Thanks

Great little *.m file!
Modified it a bit, but more-or-less ready to go.
Thanks a bunch!

Tom Close

Saved me pulling my hair out trying to work this out!



I improved the input checks and comments. Code now handles transparency in .png files. MARGIN is now an input.

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