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Simple Single Carrier FDMA (SC-FDMA) Simulator

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Simple link level and PAPR simulators for SC-FDMA system.

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This is a very simple baseband simulator for SC-FDMA system. This simulator is part of the upcoming book “Single Carrier FDMA: A New Air Interface for Long Term Evolution” (Wiley, Nov. 2008) which I co-authored with professor David J. Goodman at Polytechnic University.

The purpose of this simulator is to give some concrete idea of how SC-FDMA system works. It does lack many realistic and sophisticated features such as channel coding, time-varying fading channel model, soft decision decoding, etc. Regardless, I am hoping that it will help you understand SC-FDMA which is a fairly new development in 3GPP LTE.

For information on SC-FDMA, go to SC-FDMA resource website at If you have any question, comment, or feedback, please visit the SC-FDMA discussion forum at and leave your comment.

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mumu (view profile)

who can tell me where is the file? thank you

dear all; i cannot plot this code, please help me, in ligne 231, the error, how to declare fucntion in this code, thanks, if you can give the correct code,,, in; thank you,

Hoan Nguyen


Daniel Merino


sow boubou

Why 3GPP choose LFDMA and not IFDMA for the mapping for scfdma??


Tomasz (view profile)

VA Hoang

Mahmud Hasan

Please help me sir.
I used R2010a to run runSimSCFDMA.m. It shows the following output:

ans =

0 0.2920 0.2923

Elapsed time is 18.254541 seconds.

ans =

2.0000 0.1976 0.1967

Elapsed time is 18.251550 seconds.

ans =

4.0000 0.1098 0.1102

Elapsed time is 18.142141 seconds.

ans =

6.0000 0.0456 0.0455

Elapsed time is 18.125892 seconds.

ans =

8.0000 0.0121 0.0119

Elapsed time is 18.107339 seconds.

ans =

10.0000 0.0016 0.0015

Elapsed time is 18.078864 seconds.

ans =

12.0000 0.0001 0.0001

Elapsed time is 18.088553 seconds.

ans =

14.0000 0 0.0000

Elapsed time is 18.197618 seconds.

ans =

16 0 0

Elapsed time is 18.176621 seconds.

ans =

18 0 0

Elapsed time is 18.316353 seconds.

ans =

20 0 0

Elapsed time is 18.214689 seconds.

But how can I plot this?

Mahmud Hasan


Sam (view profile)

Hi, I've tried to execute these programs., it shows errors.. How can I join one function to another? since im new to MATLAB please help


Shuai (view profile)


jamal (view profile)

Very simple and Clear SC-FDMA Simulator, I also had a look on your book.
Thank you for the upload


just wandering, what type of noise is the simulator based on.(awgn/gaussian)?


wosam (view profile)

please can you send me files on mimo scfdma with precoding

Ashraf Hoque


Zhong (view profile)

chung hyun jo

can you upload some other realistic features for this simulation?

umar dar

Can you also upload some files where some radio resource management for scfde is shown. Thanks


Changed minor formatting issue in the Description section.

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