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Image Processing Toolbox Utilities

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This package lets you access many Image Processing Toolbox functions with GUI. Extract file in the package to a dir and simply type imui in command window.

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Julie (view profile)

why does it say:

Warning: IMSHOW(...,'notruesize') is an obsolete
Use IMSHOW(...,'InitialMagnification','fit')
> In imshow>preParseInputs at 372
In imshow at 195
In imui at 121
??? Undefined function or method 'umtoggle' for
input arguments of type 'double'.

Error in ==> imui at 143

superb yaar

superb yaar

juan cuayla

Sue Lee


Ivan Ordonez

A tool very complete. Excellent, excellent.

Piet Pelle

nobody nobody

thanks :)

Uche Uche


Gareth Thomas

Congratulations... This is how GUIS should be done

I learnt a lot from your program:)

John Ng

good work, v useful

Olivier Morin

Well Done

Siti Fauziyah

excellent...........................good work. thank you very much.

Jarod Su

So wondful work.
It is useful to me.
I had a idea to do this before,
but I don't have the ability to implement it.
I am very excited for the first glance at this gui.
I am studying the image effects now.
I think that I can provide my some efforts to
make this work more perfect!

Thanks for your work!

Sergio Verduci

Excellent Idea!

Dhaval Shah

Good work very helpful for research guys

John Carvalho

Wonderful, very userfriendly. Excelent idea test. Ultra fast and very complete.
Congratulations Kotaimen Cao

monsoon yu

Marcin Pudliszewski

Simply great! Very good work.

Andreas Sternbro

This is very nice. Very userfriendly. Gives the user a chance to test different imaging toolbox function in a fast and illustrative way.

sherif el-etriby

c y

This is really good. It looks like a simple Photoshop for me.

Li Yin

Good stuff. An update would be welcome!

Frank Gomez

I dont understand it very well

Fung Cheuk Luk

Seems easy to use.

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