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Image Compression using Wavelet

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This code compress the image using wavelets. Both gray scale and RGB images can be applied and some



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The following implementation steps have been made for the devised algorithm, which is based on 2D-wavelet.
1. Reading an image of either gray scale or RGB image.
2. Converting the image into grayscale if the image is RGB.
3. Decomposition of images using wavelets for the level N.
4. Selecting and assigning a wavelet for compression.
5. Generating threshold coefficients using Birge-Massart strategy.
6. Performing the image compression using wavelets.
7. Computing and displaying the results such as compressed image, retained energy and Zero coefficients.
8. Decompression the image based on the wavelet decomposition structure.
9. Plotting the reconstructed image.
10. Computing and displaying the size of original image, compressed image and decompressed image.

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this error is arriving
Error using image
TrueColor CData contains element out of range 0.0 <= value <= 1.0

Error in wavecompression (line 37)
subplot(222), image(xd);


LEO (view profile)

pratik chavda


moaaz (view profile)

What should be enter in the waavelt portion ??

babak ehyaee

nur adibah

hi...just wanna ask,what the size of original image and image after compression??and image after compression in which type of file??

nur adibah

hi...just wanna ask, why i cant watch your file? i really2 need it... pls

what do i enter as the name of the wavelet?

Please give me a hint how to save compressed picture to the file

what do i enter as the name of the wavelet?


Marcin (view profile)

Your programm is very helpful for me. But I have one question:
why compressed picture is not saved in the file compressed.*?
Compression effect is visible in the matlab chart, but not by the windows picture preview (for example).
Please give me a hint how to save compressed picture to the file.

very useful to my project

varsha bhole

very useful

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