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Submodular Function Optimization

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Submodular Function Optimization



28 Jun 2008 (Updated )

This toolbox provides functions for maximizing and minimizing submodular set functions.

% Andreas Krause (
% pSPIEL helper function: Computes the all-pairs shortest path solution 
% from distance matrix D, by repeatedly calling Dijkstra's algorithm n times
% function result = sfo_pspiel_sp(D)
% D: adjacency matrix
% result: shortest path closure matrix
% Example: See tutorial script.

function result = sfo_pspiel_sp(D)
n = size(D,1);
result = zeros(n,n);
for i = 1:n
    result(i,:) = sfo_pspiel_dijkstra(D,i,i);

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