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Real-Time Datafeed from Yahoo!

Real-Time Datafeed from Yahoo!


Eric Johnson (view profile)


30 Jun 2008 (Updated )

Extension of Datafeed Toolbox's Yahoo object, allowing real-time data to be fetched

%  Datafeed Toolbox YahooRT Object.
%  Copyright 1999-2002 The MathWorks, Inc.
%  Datafeed Toolbox YahooRT functions:
%  yahooRT/yahooRT       - Yahoo connection.
%  yahooRT/builduniverse - Portfolio matrix with total return price data from Yahoo.
%  yahooRT/close         - Close connection to Yahoo.
%  yahooRT/display       - Yahoo connection object display method.
%  yahooRT/fetch         - Request data from Yahoo's web site.
%  yahooRT/get           - Get Yahoo connection properties.
%  yahooRT/isconnection  - True if valid Yahoo connection.
%  yahooRT/subsref       - Subscripted reference for Datafeed Toolbox object.
%  yahooRT/trpdata       - Data needed to generate total return price series.

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