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Analog clock

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Analog clock, may be used as a component in a larger application



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This is an analog clock. It may be placed on any axes, moved and resized, as long as a valid axes handle is provided.

It may also be initialized to run as a real-time clock, or updated with an offline time from any source

Implemented as a matlab class. Based on Scott Frasso's clock and looks essentially the same. Please see the acknowledgement section.

Short usage example:

o = scottsclock; o.startRT()

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Vuong (view profile)

Aleks V

Thanks for the comment. (Access = private) works fine on my version of matlab, but it is not necessary for anything, so feel free to remove it or comment it out.

T. Ulmer

Seems to have a problem in line 109:
properties (Access = private)
should probably be
properties %(Access = private)
Setting the comment did the job in my case, than it really looks nice


- made an error

- bugfixes
- added hide() and unhide()

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.6 (R2008a)

Inspired by: Scottsclock

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