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MELP source code

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MELP encoder and decoder in Matlab

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Most of MELP source code is written in C. But this one is written in Matlab.

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esra sahin

How can I run the program? please help.


Artur (view profile)

how i can download this file?


Binh (view profile)


Amaro (view profile)

Please is there somebody who can explain how to manage or use this code in matlab? I want to understand how to work with it...
Thanks alot.


John (view profile)

Cool!!!Help me to understand it!!=))

Andrew Rymar

Great work! But it seems code doesn't work properly in R2009a - after encoding dsp.wav sample i get structure c[i] not completely identical to the dsp.mat-file..


Is this an implementation of the MELP or the MELPe Vocoder? Do you know if it's able to run in realtime (encoding and decoding)? thanks!

how to run this program using simulink or simulatotor and i need to download on processor ...and i need the procedure pls help me

manuel core

good work! testing now on sample...

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