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SMATLINK - Let Matlab Dance with Mathematica

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Matlab (Frontend) call Mathematica Kernel

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Simple MATlab and MAThematica LINK laboratory Toolbox for Matlab 7.x

1. fix SEGV crash in Matlab
2. update documents

Microsoft Windows XP, Professional Version 2002, Service Pack 3
MatlabR2007a, version, MatlabR2008a

SMATLINK0091 - initial

SMAT_Matlabcall Version
Test Case List:

1) General Case:

2) Call Mathematica Kernel by Matlab Script m-file :

3) Call Mathematica Kernel by Matlab Function m-file :

Documents in doc Folder...

the default path is "C:/Temp/SMATLINK/SMAT_matlabcall/outputs",
you need have that folder or re-set your path.

Comments and Ratings (13)

Marcelo Sena

Can I get it to work on 64-bit system? It is not recognizing smat_matlabcall.mexw32 function.


Si (view profile)

Can I use it on Win7? SMATLINK works with 32bit systems, isn't it?

I'd like to use other MathLink via SMAT_matlabcall, but I didn't success.
How to do this work? Thanks.

kai wang

very very fantastic, i use MATLAB 2010a and Mathematica 7, works fine

Tested with MATLAB 2009b and Mathematica 7 on Win Vista. Seems to work fine!

Leo Chen

Leo Chen (view profile)

Hi Dave,

Yes, in a updated version, the Mathematica Kernel can be called automatically by Matlab, you dont need to click it every time, i.e.,
you run the command, and Matlab will invoke Mathematica Kernel in backgroud, I can send a new version to you by email, if you need it.



Dave (view profile)

This is working nicely for me (R2007a on XP), but I need to quickly call Mathematica many times. I'd like to start the Mathematica kernel each time with the software instead of having to click on it manually. Could you post the .mexw32 source code, or maybe you know another way around this?

It does not work on my system is there anything else necessary to know or install

dks dk dien e


Peter Gurk

Documentation is nice but I could not try it out since I run Mac OSX. No source code provided so I could not compile it to my platform. Could you please include source code or compile it to non-MS systems? Thanks

gorge lee

... will test it

simon zang




1. fix SEGV crash in Matlab
2. update documents

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)

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