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3D Slice Viewer

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Interactive viewer of 3 orthogonal slices of 3D volume.

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Simple interactive viewer of 3 orthogonal slices of 3D volume and of sequence of volumes. The interaction is performed by mouse left button or keyboard arrows.

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Karl Fisher

Thank you
Does what it says it does..

Works great.


Any idea on how to select only a section of the place in slice, say a quarter section?


Yuichi (view profile)

This seems to be good!

Hi, I would like to use this package for displaying various points or ROIs in MRI image. I am looking for the functionality similar to plot(y,x,´r*´) in MATLAB. Will you please help, how should I go about that?


Clay (view profile)

Marian Uhercik

Marian Uhercik (view profile)

Thank you, Hex. I have uploaded a patched version.
It includes also a handler for 'q' key, according to your proposal.


Hex (view profile)

Another thing; in my comment above there is the line 'handles.axis_equal = 0;'. I added a handler for the 'q' key, which switches axis equal on and off. Very useful when browsing to isotropic resolution MR data.


Hex (view profile)

Daniel Auger pointed out that 4D browsing isn't actually working. Taking a closer look I found a bug around line 100; changing the code to

handles.axis_equal = 0;
handles.color_mode = 1;
if (size(volume,4) ~= 3)
handles.color_mode = 0;

fixed the problem (it used to be 'if size ~= 3, color_mode = 1, end' which is obviously wrong...).

This is still a tool I like and use a lot!


Hex (view profile)

very nice, especially the fact that you can also view time resolved data



Patch for browsing time-resolved data,
added 'q' key handler for axis scaling.


Color (RGB) 3D images can be displayed.


Color range is synchronized in all 3 images.

Handling of input from keyboard arrows.

Documentation update, no functional changes.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.5 (R2007b)

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