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08 Jul 2008 (Updated )

An optical FFT code to simulate Fabry Perot cavities with arbitrary mirror profiles

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OSCAR is an optical FFT code used to calculate the steady state optical field circulating in Fabry Perot cavities. The code can integrate non-sperical mirrors and any arbitrary input fields. Recent applications for OSCAR have been: calculation of thermal lensing effect and calculation of diffraction loss and cavity eigen modes for mesa beams. One great advantage of OSCAR is the simplicity and flexibility of the code, everyone with only minimal knowledge of Matlab can easily modified OSCAR code to suit specific purposes.

MATLAB release MATLAB 8.6 (R2015b)
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Other requirements If beam fitting functions are needed, the Optimization Toolbox is required.
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Comments and Ratings (13)
19 Jan 2017 Fedor Kiselev

05 Oct 2015 Jerome Degallaix

Hi Peter,
OSCAR V1 is included under OSCAR V3, the presentation has changed to make it more robust but the internal motor is still the same.
Everything which can be done with OSCAR V1 can also be done with the V3 (and of course much more).
I should still be able to find the V1 if you really need it.

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05 Oct 2015 peter2505

Hey Jerome, thanks for the awesome code!
Part 1 of the manual deals with OSCAR V1. Do I understand correctly that none of the files discussed in that important section are part of the download here? where can I get them?

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19 Jan 2015 Jerome Degallaix

OSCAR can simulate linear cavities with an arbitrary number of mirrors. See the file: 'Example_4mirrors.m' for example.

Comment only
17 Jan 2015 Habib

Habib (view profile)

do the OSCAr is useful for another cavity such as ring cavity with three element?

Comment only
23 Nov 2014 Jerome Degallaix

Likely a wrong installation.

Comment only
19 Nov 2014 Habib

Habib (view profile)

Hi guys.
I want simulate a ring cavity that have three mirror. but when I tried to simulation, I got error again and again. How can I do it by OSCAR? pleas help me.
I can't define a LG beam...

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18 Aug 2013 Jerome Degallaix

Cavity with a length of few centimeter must work (with a suitable grid side). Send me by email an example for your file so I can fix it.

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18 Aug 2013 seongwoo oh

does anybody know why the simulation doesnt work if you make the cavity length small in the range of a few centimeters?

the code doesnt crash but it doesnt plot anything..

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24 Feb 2012 m.granata

I have been using this code since a long time, and I really like it. It is easy to use, and most important, easy to customize for many different purposes.

The documentation is clear and well written, and it's the very first paper to be read to easily understand the basic principles of FFT optical codes.

Moreover, Oscar is constantly updated, and the author is always available and responds quickly to any questions.

Very good job!

21 Feb 2012 Nitin

Nitin (view profile)

06 Oct 2011 Christian Vorholt

Really nice job.
Documentation is easy to understand and to follow.

Thanks to the author!

24 Feb 2010 Richard Day

This is a first class job.
I have used Oscar as a foundation for my own code for simulating cavities. It is really very easy to understand the code and there is also a very well written user manual.

22 Jul 2008

A little mistake found in the manual

30 Jul 2008

Added a new example

23 Apr 2009 1.1

Add an example about how to simulate a 3 mirrors ring cavity (also called a mode cleaner).

12 Jan 2010 1.2

Example to reduce the computational time of OSCAR, better memory allocation of matrices and correct a sign error

03 Feb 2012 1.5

The code has been fully rewritten (with Oriented Object Programming) to be faster and more user friendly.
Higher order optical modes are supported.

12 Jul 2012 1.6

Can simulate linear cavity with arbitraty number of mirrors. New syntax to define laser beam and Interfaces. Minor bug correction.

25 Jan 2013 1.7

Can use a more reliable to propagate the beam and add a new routine to calculate cavity eigen modes.

19 Feb 2013 1.8

Bug fixes

09 Sep 2013 1.9

An accelerated convergence scheme has been implemented as well as the possibility to use strong focusing telescope.
Additional minor improvement to existing functions

22 Jan 2014 1.10

It includes now the function to read the .dat from the ZYGO interferometer.
New functions (plot PSD, expand into higher order modes) and the usual bug fixes

30 Jun 2014 1.11

New functions and bug fixes

22 Dec 2014 1.12

Implementation of the Zernike polynomials
Small improvement to some functions and a handful of bug fixes

24 Aug 2016 3.16

Update to keep OSCAR compatible with the newest versions of Matlab.
New functions and examples also available

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