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Simple wrapper to XCOPY function for backing up folders. Changes the file archive attributes and ca

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This is a wrapper to the XCOPY commnand, with the four different modes:

prune -updates backup dir and delete files on the back up dir that do not exist on the original dir.

find -find unique files in backup dir

arch -set archive attb. to ON for files on the original dir that do not exist on the backup dir.

sync -updates BOTH directories with the newest files from EITHER directory.

Options that can be set for the XCOPY command are listed at and on the help for this function:

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Wade (view profile)

The functionality of this function is exactly what I was looking for. Contains a lot of low-level options. Seems very robust.


Fixed minor issues and added three more modes (find, arch, and sync).

Fixed minor issues and added three functionalities:

'find' -finds unique files between directories
'arch' -set the archive attribute to ON on files from unique files

'sync' -updtes both directories with most recent files from both.

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MATLAB 7.0.1 (R14SP1)

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