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The Mind Twisting Strategy Board Game

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Played on a 6x6 board. Place a game piece on any unoccupied square, then twist one of the four 3x3 quadrants a quarter turn clockwise or counter-clockwise. First player to get five in a row wins. White is played by the human, black by the computer.

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Very good!

krishna lalith

Good Programming...

John D'Errico

Pretty good. The AI might do with some help, since I won the first game I played and I'd never seen the game before. It might have been nice to have different degrees of difficulty, which probably would merely set a search depth for the AI, or perhaps the board size.

I like that I found help in the function, and an H1 line. Not really much help is needed, since it is a simple game to explain. The code was friendly and asked me if I wanted to play again at the end. Well done overall.

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