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Contains three functions for displaying different files with links.

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The zip file contains 3 functions:


All three are similar to 'WHATS' (File exchange number 20615), except that they only display a list of their respective file types. The list is made of the names of the specific file types found in the directory. The names in the list are links which allow the user to click on them to either edit (M-Files), load (MAT-Files) or open (FIG-Files) the file. I put these three in my path so I can access them from anywhere I am working.
See the screen-capture for an example of the output of these functions. See the help for more information.

Tested on 6.5, 2006a, 2007a

Please email me about bugs. Thanks.

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Loginatorist (view profile)

Wolfgang, I realized that after I posted the screenshot. I believe that file was my first experience with that author. Funny to see it now and everyone knows where it came from :-).

Matt, your screenshot gives credit to one of the most beloved contributors of the FEX :-) (Soccer_infinite_teams).
Nice tool though!


Ryan (view profile)

Simplicity at its best. Brilliant utility.

Jessica M.



See update of WHATS.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)

Inspired by: whats

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