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Similar to WHO/WHOS, but allows user to click-to-clear.



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The zip file contains two functions:


which correspond roughly to Matlab's built in functions:


whom and whoms are meant to be called from the command line to allow the user to see the available variables in the base workspace. The variable names are linked in such a way that clicking on a variable name will delete that variable from the workspace. There is also a link to clear all the variables. See the screen-shot for a illustration of how these functions work.

Tested on 6.5, 2007a

Please email me about bugs or other concerns. Thanks.

Comments and Ratings (5)

Matt 'spellcheck' Fig (Author)

How embarrasssign!
(Where's Matlab spell check when I need it?)
I will fix that at once... (red in the face)

Rick Barnes

Really nice program, even better with "separately" spelled correctly.

John D'Errico

Clear all the variables is a nice addition.

John D'Errico

An interesting idea. Good help, no problems that I saw.

matt fig (author)

I received a request to add a link to clear all variables. I will do so.


Name change.

Added option to clear all variables.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)

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