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Use a hash table

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Class Hashtable offers Matlab users access to the hash table data structure.
The class allows multiple key-value pairs specified in 'get', 'put' and 'remove' methods, using cell arrays to collect inputs and outputs, and offers vector forms of 'iskey' and 'isvalue', as well as the option to initialize a hash table with an initial key/value set.

Note that Java's involvement limits the range of types that can be stored in a Hashtable instance.

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Dimitri Shvorob

.. To elaborate that last sentence. Scalars and strings are fine; numeric and cell arrays are fine (except for row vectors, which get transposed), structures are no-go, and neither are objects. Clearly, this is not a 100% satisfactory solution.




minor change

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)

Inspired by: Simle Hashtable

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