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Spatial Channel Model for MIMO Simulations. A Ray based Simulator based on 3GPP TR 25.996 v.6.1.0

version 1.0 (2.46 MB) by

GUI supported Ray-based MIMO simulator based on work done by the 3GPP group.

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The MIMO spatial channel model simulates a wireless propagation channel in various cases and applies the concept of diversity (spatial and polarization) assuming multiple antennas at both the transmitter and receiver, thus forming a Multiple Input Multiple Output antenna system.

The scope of this SCM simulator is to provide an easy-to-use, GUI supported, MATLAB developed application to any user who requires a practical tool to perform MIMO simulations and to obtain statistical data.

The options of the application include three environments (suburban macrocell,urban macrocell and urban microcell) and two cases (no polarized arrays included, polarized arrays included). Since a user's guide documents is also included, we limit our in-code comments.

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tak (view profile)

Hello to everyone

Can someone tell me how can i export the final 'plots' figure where all graphs are included?
There is no 'save' or 'File' option.

Thank you


Noha (view profile)

Hi everybody. I downloaded the package, but do not know how to run it. all the files are functions where is the main program?


Hi Raveesh,

I have found a similar work which has the graphs required by you. This might help. Found this coorelating to another work.

that link might help.


I have obtained the channel matrix based on 3GPP Spatial Channel Modeling.The standard document is available in the link below.

Now I want to obtain the distribution graphs of Delay Spread and Angular Spread. These graphs are available in the page 31 and 32 of the standard. (Figure 5.5 and 5.6). I have calculated the values for standard deviation of delay spread and angular spread according to the procedure given in clause 5.6 of the standard (Page 28 and 29). Someone please tell me how I can obtain the distribution curves for Delay Spread and Angle Spread as given in figure 5.5 and 5.6 of the standard. Thanks a lot in advance.


I am doing M Tech in Communication Systems at RV College of Engineering, Bangalore, India. As my major project I am simulating MIMO Channel based on 3GPP Spatial Channel Model. Can someone tell me how I can verify the results of simulation? Thank you.


Hi, in 3GPP SCM standard clause 5.6, author uses the notation n and N for denoting number of base stations. But till then, n and N were used to denote index and number of paths between each transmitter and receiver. Can someone please clarify this ambiguity?


Saeed (view profile)

Hello my friend ,,
as wrote in the simulate manual it is support matlab7.0.1 but I have matlab7.5 which is not support it . I try to find the old one but couldn't.
what I should do ??
please I wanna some help ,,


Saeed (view profile)

hello guy
Im looking for this from long time but I have problem to how I can use it . because I have matlab 7.5 which is not support those codes . I need the matlab 7.0.1 to simulate the program .
or any one suggestion for my any kind of matlab version which support those codes .
Please I want it as fast as possible .


I am looking for it for a long time!thank you!


Hi! I have a problem, how can i get the fast fading value? How are these value compute?

green felix

hello! it seems that Pathloss and Shadow Fading have no effect to the channel realization. I mean, how can I use this simulator to model intercell interference? TKS a lot!


suresh (view profile)

Great work. All change your save path it works well

lining ?

Hi! When I input "scm" in the command window of matlab, it give me the error:
??? Error using ==> struct2handle
Undefined command/function 'submacro2'.

??? Error using ==> struct2handle
Error while evaluating uicontrol CreateFcn.

how to solve this problem? thanks for your answers!


Yiwei (view profile)

hi I have the same problem with you when I rum scm. So how to solve it?

hi sorry for the trouble, I just had to choose a directory within my home.

hi, when I run scm, I get the following error. I am using matlab version (R2008b). Please help me with this

??? Error using ==> struct2handle
Undefined function or method 'submacro2' for input arguments of type 'char'.

??? Error using ==> struct2handle
Error while evaluating uicontrol CreateFcn

??? Error using ==> save
Unable to write file C:\Matlab\Work\\data{1}.mat: No such file or directory.

Error in ==> submacro>pushbutton1_Callback at 674
save ([str filename],'H', 't','P','AoD','AoA','AS','DS','SF','PL','C')

Error in ==> gui_mainfcn at 96

Error in ==> submacro at 44
gui_mainfcn(gui_State, varargin{:});

??? Error while evaluating uicontrol Callback


Pu (view profile)

Can anyone run this program?
I find problems to run it.

brahmaji T A R K

its good

Jubei Kibagami

I am using this for my MIMO simulations! Good work!

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.1.0 (R14SP3)

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