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Typical Control System Analyst

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A GUI analysis tool for typical control system.

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This is a GUI analysis tool for typical control system.You can use it to get characteristics of your system,it may also help you to observe influences of PID Parameters,besides it provides simple tools to design lead/lag controler and PID controler for FOLPD model.

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sadel (view profile)

I think there is a mistake about the calculation of PID's transfer function.

You use this
Gc(s)=(K1K2K3*s^2 + K1K2*s + K1)/K2*s instead of this
Gc(s)=(K3*s^2 + K1*s + K2)/s
Could anyone tell me if I have wrong?

yala Mora


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MATLAB 7.5 (R2007b)

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