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PSO solution to economic dispatch

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PSO solution to economic dispatch


RMS Danaraj (view profile)


05 Aug 2008 (Updated )

This program solves the economic dispatch problem by PSO toolbox developed by Brian birge.Two exampl

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This software contains two examples psotest.m and psotest.1.By running the programs
(psotest.m or psotest1.m) as they are in the default pso1 folder the economic dispatch problem
can be solved. The allocation minimum fuel cost and transmission losses are determined.
3. I am using the PSOt, particle swarm optimization toolbox for matlab developed by Prof Brian
Birge(Reference).My sincere thanks to him for the efficient toolbox.
% the data matrix should have 5 columns of fuel cost coefficients and plant limits.
% 1.a ($/MW^2) 2. b $/MW 3. c ($) 4.lower lomit(MW) 5.Upper limit(MW)
% This Example system is taken from the book Power System Analysis by Prof Haadi
Sadaat Example 7.8
%no of rows denote the no of plants(n)
format long;
global data B B0 B00
data=[0.008 7 200 10 85
0.009 6.3 180 10 80
0.007 6.8 140 10 70];
B=.01*[.0218 .0093 .0028;.0093 .0228 .0017;.0028 .0017 .0179];
B0=0*[.0003 .0031 .0015];
ran=[l' u'];
Pdef = [100 100000 100 2 2 0.9 0.4 1500 1e-6 5000 NaN 0 0];
[F Pl]=f6(P')
The results
P =
F = 1.597481635286200e+003
Pl = 2.34255491258807
This solution is better than the solution given in the book
P=[33.4701 64.0974 55.1011];
Birge, B., 2003, PSOt, A Particle Swarm Optimization Toolbox for Matlab,
IEEE Swarm Intelligence Symposium Proceedings, April 24-26


Particle Swarm Optimization Toolbox inspired this file.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.0.1 (R14SP1)
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29 Nov 2011 vydyam

vydyam (view profile)

I had run the program given by you in the PSo tool box it is givin gcorrect results for the 3 bus data given by you but for other data
like the one below
data=[0.001562 7.92 561 100 600
0.00194 7.85 310 100 400
0.00484 7.97 078 50 200];
B=[0.000075 0.000005 0.0000075
0.001940 0.000015 0.0000100
0.004820 0.0000100 0.0000450];
actual answer for the economic load dispatch with losses is 6878 0r in that range but it is showing around 250000
kindly help me in this regard

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17 Feb 2010 Erdal Bizkevelci  
11 Nov 2008 Nesrullah Salman


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09 Oct 2008 pedro salazar

necesito el codigo de programacion de (pso) en fortran o en otro programa

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09 Aug 2008 saloman danaraj

The penalty factor is chosen after verifying so many values.
Care is taken to get accuraccy.The accuracy ie sum(P)-Pl-Pd<1e-10.

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08 Aug 2008 Dimitri Shvorob

Well-meaning but novice work. Author: (a) you are presenting *penalized* objective function, not the actual one, and (b) your penalty factor doesn't seem very high: check that the constraint is actually met.

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