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Draw a border around an image

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Draw a border around an image


Eric Johnson (view profile)


07 Aug 2008 (Updated )

Draws a colored border around an image.

addborder(img1, t, c, stroke)
function img2 = addborder(img1, t, c, stroke)
% ADDBORDER draws a border around an image
%    NEWIMG = ADDBORDER(IMG, T, C, S) adds a border to the image IMG with
%    thickness T, in pixels. C specifies the color, and should be in the
%    same format as the image itself. STROKE is a string indicating the
%    position of the border:
%       'inner'  - border is added to the inside of the image. The dimensions
%                  of OUT will be the same as IMG.
%       'outer'  - the border sits completely outside of the image, and does
%                  not obscure any portion of it.
%       'center' - the border straddles the edges of the image.
% Example:
%     load mandrill
%     X2 = addborder(X, 20, 62, 'center');
%     image(X2);
%     colormap(map);
%     axis off          
%     axis image 

%    Eric C. Johnson, 7-Aug-2008

    % Input data validation
    if nargin < 4
        error('MATLAB:addborder','ADDBORDER requires four inputs.');
    if numel(c) ~= size(img1,3)
        error('MATLAB:addborder','C does not match the color format of IMG.');

    % Ensure that C has the same datatype as the image itself.
    % Also, ensure that C is a "depth" vector, rather than a row or column
    % vector, in the event that C is a 3 element RGB vector.
    c = cast(c, class(img1));
    c = reshape(c,1,1,numel(c));

    % Compute the pixel size of the new image, and allocate a matrix for it.
    switch lower(stroke(1))
        case 'i'
            img2 = addInnerStroke(img1, t, c);
        case 'o'
            img2 = addOuterStroke(img1, t, c);
        case 'c'
            img2 = addCenterStroke(img1, t, c);
            error('MATLAB:addborder','Invalid value for ''stroke''.');

% Helper functions for each stroke type
function img2 = addInnerStroke(img1, t, c)

    [nr1 nc1 d] = size(img1);

    % Initially create a copy of IMG1
    img2 = img1;
    % Now fill the border elements of IMG2 with color C
    img2(:,1:t,:)           = repmat(c,[nr1 t 1]);
    img2(:,(nc1-t+1):nc1,:) = repmat(c,[nr1 t 1]);
    img2(1:t,:,:)           = repmat(c,[t nc1 1]);
    img2((nr1-t+1):nr1,:,:) = repmat(c,[t nc1 1]);


function img2 = addOuterStroke(img1, t, c)

    [nr1 nc1 d] = size(img1);

    % Add the border thicknesses to the total image size
    nr2 = nr1 + 2*t;
    nc2 = nc1 + 2*t;
    % Create an empty matrix, filled with the border color.
    img2 = repmat(c, [nr2 nc2 1]);
    % Copy IMG1 to the inner portion of the image.
    img2( (t+1):(nr2-t), (t+1):(nc2-t), : ) = img1;


function img2 = addCenterStroke(img1, t, c)

    % Add an inner and outer stroke of width T/2
    img2 = addInnerStroke(img1, floor(t/2), c);
    img2 = addOuterStroke(img2, ceil(t/2), c);    


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