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PolySpace For Editors

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A tool to integrate PolySpace into your favorite editor



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Learn how to launch PolySpace(R) from your editor : call the interfaces (Launcher, Viewer, Spooler), use the back link feature of your editor for an easy fixing.
We present the integration with two editors : Notepad++ and UltraEdit32.
The zip archive contains the documentation, a set of scripts and configuration files.

This integration is presented for C files only and under Windows, for the moment.

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Learn more about Polyspace static code analysis here:


Updated license


Scripts and documentation updated for compatibility with 10b


Added trademarks and copyrights in the documents.
Documentation converted to pdf.
Replaced the use of WFile by a new executable (FileChoose) to be BSD license compliant.


An equivalent to the proprietary executable WFile has been created to be BSD licensing compliant.
The documentation has been updated.


Fixed a problem in the scripts when the home folder, or profile folder, contains a space character.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.11 (R2010b)

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