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Particle filter for robot localization using WiFi measurements

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Tracking a robot with particle filter by correcting odometric measurements with WiFi signal



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Demo illustrating localization of a robot by particle filter.
WiFi measurements are modeled by a Ray-Tracing engine allowing up to 3 walls'reflexion. Particle
filter help to correct odometry'mesurements of the non-holonomoc robot trajectory.

References :
i) Jacques Beneat, (Ray-tracing indoor propagation model)
ii) for
particle filter and non-holonomic trajectory

Run mexme_pf_robot_WIFI.m to compile mex-files on your plateform (be sure to setup previously your compiler by "mex -setup")

Run test_robot_WIFI.m or test_map_wifi.m for demos

Comments and Ratings (11)

dd dd

dd dd (view profile)

Hao Chen

It works pretty well. But some one knows how to change the floor plan?

Pengfei Wei


cyril (view profile)

both links in the description are dead now

Sebastien PARIS


It should work now ...

Andrew Lesser

Furthermore to my last comment, it seems that when I run 32 bit Matlab it will crash after a few iterations.

Sebastien PARIS


Thank you for report, I'll check asap...

If you can copy/paste the crash log ...

Andrew Lesser


I'm having trouble with matlab crashing when running the test file. I am using Matlab 2012a, VS10, Win7 x64. I think it might have to do with the mex code not being compatible with -useLargeArrayDim. However, I can get the ray tracing test file to run and give results. Have you had similar issues or advice?



good one


good one

amit yes



-Fix a bug introduced in the last update


- Linux/GCC compatibility
- Refresh code and demos


- add mexme_pf_robot_WIFI.m
- add a better qsindex alforithm

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.5 (R2007b)

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