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Paste a Matlab figure to Excel

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Paste a Matlab figure to Excel



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This Function takes the current Matlab figure (gcf) and paste it into an existing Excel File.
xlsPasteTo('Book2','Sheet1',300, 400,'D6')

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Anne (view profile)

This function is great, but how can i replace old figures?
I tried:
ExActRange = get(ExAct,'Range',range);
ExActRange.Value = [];

But it doesn´t work.
Can somebody help me?

Gilbert Mora

Thanks. Works for me.

sun naran

It helped me to think about ways to solve another problem. I am trying to paste a curve file (jpg file) on to another jpg file containing solar radio burst but without success. please let me know if there is any such straight forward m-code to accomplish the task.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.6 (R2008a)

Inspired by: saveppt

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