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Function JOINMAT implements SQL 'join' operation with a single equality condition.

It has been tested with numeric keys only, and not optimized; improvements are enthusiastically welcomed.

See also the dataset-array version JOINDST.

PS. Note that output rows are sorted, and Inf values are treated in the same way as (but are distinguished from) NaN values.

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David Divad

Unfortunately this does not seem to work always well.


A = [1 1; 1 2; 1 3; 1 4]
C = [1 8; 1 9]
joinmat(A,C,'inner') % does not give cartesian product -> joinmat only works with unique keys in at least one of the matrices

ans =

1 1 8
1 2 9
1 3 8
1 4 9
1 1 8
1 2 9
1 3 8
1 4 9

Does anybody know a good alternative to this? How can I join two matrices in MATLAB (without unique keys)?

Brilliant - this saved me a ton of time from either setting up mySQL or otherwise exporting out of Matlab elsewhere to do the join. Again, brilliant.

Phil from AL

Just what I was looking for. Wonder why MW released a 'join' (kinda) for datasets but not for matrices.




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MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)

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