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ActiveX control example in GUI

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A simple example of activex control in GUI

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This example deals with the Activex control in GUI matlab. It is of very basic nature, which explains that activex control dont have callback functions, their handles are called in other callback functions as shown in the example.

Copy the files in your working directory.
Change the slider value to change the gauge needle position.

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Udita Ghosh

I am getting an error. Invalid ProgId 'MWAGAUGE.AGaugeCtrl.1'

nhan hanh

Emanuel Ion

I have an error: control creation failed. Invalid ProgId 'MWAGAUGE.AGaugeCtrl.1'


Martin (view profile)

Thank you

deepti sharma

Thank you....


Thank you.
I have a problem.
When I type 'guage', it runs but I cannot see 'Angular Gauge ActiveX' on the form. It shows just a Slider.
However, if I double-click 'Guage.fig', I can see 'Angular Gauge' so, I tried control the slider but the gauge is never move.
I'm a user of R2013b. Please help me if you see my comment.

Thank you... Its helping me very much...


jafar (view profile)

tianya shang

Thank you very much! it is very useful to me .

S. kk

Qadeer Ahmed

if it does not run your matlab, type

mcc -m guage -a guage_activex1

and then try it

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MATLAB 7.3 (R2006b)

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