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True Random Integer Generator

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The function TRUERAND returns truly random integers using's Random Integer Generator. According to, the numbers are generated based on atmospheric noise and skew-corrected to generate uniform numbers. The generated numbers have been shown to pass the NIST tests for RNGs.
The range of numbers is -1e9 to 1e9 and the maximum number of values that can be generated is 10,000

truerand(rows,cols,min,max) returns a matrix of size rows-by-cols with random integers between min and max.

truerand(n,min,max) returns an n by 1 vector

truerand(n, m), truerand(n) and truerand use the default values min = 1, max = 100

 y = truerand
 y = truerand(9)
 y = truerand(6,6)
 y = truerand(5,1,20)
 y = truerand(3, 4, 15, 30)

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Comments and Ratings (6)

Nikki Pelot

The download isn't working for me - the zip file only contains an empty license.txt file.

When I download the .zip file it just contains an empty license .txt file but no code.


The website url has changed to https and this should be update in the code. Otherwise, this function works great.

JR King

Very nice.

Could you add options to include other types of randomness (gaussian etc)?

Thank you!


Very nice


Updated license

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MATLAB 7.6 (R2008a)

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