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Balanced Truncation

Script for obtaining balanced truncation for a given system



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The script computes the reduced order model of a given system using Balanced Truncation technique. Both stable and unstable systems can be handled here.

Where A,B,C,D are the system matrices of the state space representation and orders is the order of the reduced order model.

In addition to matrices, state space object is also accepted by the script.

In this format, the state space model sys is reduced to a 'orders'-order model.

It may also be noted that the function can also be used as BalanceTrunc(A,B,C,D) OR BalanceTrunc(sys), i.e., without specifying the desired reduced order. In which case, all feasible
reduced order realizations are presented as a cell array of state space objects.

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where could i see the matlab code?

Stefan Behrendt

No documentation of the code and error

??? Undefined function or variable "ips".

Error in ==> balancetrunc at 119


>> AD

AD =

   -3.2247 -1.7331 -0.6210
    2.0000 0 0
         0 1.0000 0

>> BD

BD =


>> CD

CD =

         0 0 0.5988

>> DD

DD =


MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7 (R14)

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