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Digital Image Correlation 4 threads pmode

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This digital image correlation .m file uses pmode to split up the load on 4 matlab labs

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This package only contains the digital image correlation .m file, for the full suite you need to download the 'digital image correlation and tracking' (ID: 12413) files.
automate_image_parinteractive.m works similar to automate_image.m but must be run in pmode!!!!
Therefore you have to start pmode:
pmode start
and then you have to point in pmode to the right directory as it always starts with the home directory:
cd(‘data directory’)
where data directory is the directory your data is in.
Then you can start:
There will be no graphical interface, it just will be roughly 3 times faster then automate_image.m on a 4-core machine as the system steals away some performance.
Please feel free to enhance it to 20 cores if you have as many labs...

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MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.5 (R2007b)

Inspired by: Digital Image Correlation and Tracking

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