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Reads in files in LAS 1.1 format and outputs comma delimited text files.



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Lidar or laser scanning data are often provided by vendors in binary LAS format. Though GIS softwares can be used to read in and display data, the attributes of the points are sometimes not accessible.
LASRead reads in files in LAS 1.1 format and outputs comma delimited text files with X coordinates, Y coordinates and Z coordinates (option 1), X coordinates, Y coordinates, Z coordinates and Intensity (option 2) or X coordinates, Y coordinates, Z coordinates, Intensity, Return number and Number of returns (option 3).

Large datasets (say, more than 3000000 points, depending on the system) may have to be split into smaller files to avoid errors related to available memory.

Reference: ASPRS LAS Specification Version 1.1, March 07, 2005

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Mike Alonzo

Cici: I have made some updates and some fixes to this code including:
1) changing bit3 to ubit3 for return num and number of returns to avoid wrap-around
2) inclusion of GPSTime
3) fix of pointsourceid offset

Would you like me to send to you or to post on my own with attribution to you?


Is it possible with 1.4 data?

Oguzhan KAHYA

How can i use this file into Matlab R2006a (ver. 7.2)?

Amy Farris

LAS file formats 1.1 and 1.2 are so similar, that this m-file can read LAS1.2 files. Just change line 35 from:

if VersionMajor ~= 1 || VersionMinor ~= 1


if VersionMajor ~= 1

and it will work!

Amy Farris

This is a very helpful file. Are you planning on unp-dating it to read LAS 1.2?


Do you have also written Las writer in matlab ?

leonel solano

Can you attach a .las file to your post so I can see how it works, I'm completely confused :S I'm new at this with MatLab. Thanks.



Update for BSD License.

I had forgotten to change the number of records to be read in back to 'inf' after doing a trial with 100000 records.

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MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)

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