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Simplified Waveform Programming for the Agilent 33250A

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Simplifies arbitrary waveform generation on the 33250A through GPIB control

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Programming arbitrary waveforms through GPIB with the Agilent 33250A is extremely tedious. This software allows the automatic generation of arbitrary waveforms by providing a list of voltage levels and a list of durations at each level. Code is written to create the waveform on the 33250A, trigger it, and capture the waveform on the Agilent 81304B scope. The scope stores the waveform on its internal hard disk drive. Measurements are done on the waveform using the scope.

The attached m file contains the main file and a function, when needs to be moved to a separate file you create called GPIBSend.m

The picture shows the front panel of the scope when the program has executed.

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MATLAB 7.6 (R2008a)

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