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Templates for the Solution of Linear Systems

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This book is written for computational scientists who would like to incorporate state-of-the-art computational methods for solving large sparse systems of linear equations.

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Amos (view profile)

In gmres, there seems to be a bug, too:
Line 84: "x = x + V*y; "
but V has dimensions n and m+1 whereas y has dimension m ...?


Amos (view profile)

I believe there is an error in bicgstab:

Line 61 should probably be
"if ( norm(s)/bnrm2 < tol ),"
instead of
"if ( norm(s) < tol ),"

and line 82 probably needs to be
"if ( error <= tol | norm(s)/bnrm2 <= tol ),"
instead of
"if ( error <= tol | s <= tol ),"

Please correct me if I am mistaken ...

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