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Print with Internet Explorer

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Prints out a URL with Internet Explorer



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This function drives Internet Explorer® via ActiveX®. It opens the URL, waits for the page to load, and issues a "print".
There's an arbitrary 5 second wait after issuing the print before the browser. If you close too soon, printing will fail. You may need to modify this pause for your environment.

== Usage Note from Laszlo Sragner ==
"It seems that the problem was that MATLAB® starts IE in Protected Mode:off state, but if IE was setup with PM:on it cannot access the web with this IE window. This can be set on Internet Securities Properties (checkbox at the bottom)."

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port tracker

One more request, if I may - Is it possible to print only the document of the web, not the entire page (I think it's done in document.write() method in javascript but have no idea how to integrate it with the above code).

Thanks again,

port tracker

excellent work, really helped me !
Is it possible to create the same function also with firefox? (the problem with the protected zone in IE is a bit bothering)



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