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Tracking algorithm for cell motion and morphology

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This is a basic cell tracker for use on uncompressed AVI files, ideal for use with videos where the image of the cell overlap much frame-to-frame. If you use it to generate data for publication please cite the conference paper in the readme file, which you might want to read anyway if you want to use. Sample video to track and paper available at lab website: I'm working on a multiparticle version of the algorithm which also better tracks low-temporal resolution data and compressed input formats. I will post it when I work more of the bugs out. Please contact me if you are interested in the alpha version.

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Here is the link to the sample video file:

The multiparticle version, which I'm calling MCShape, is working pretty well for the flow cell assays, I will upload the *.m file once the corresponding paper is submitted/accepted.

Cong Zhou

Hello, without the avi files, I cannot judge the effect of this algorithm, so can you give me a link to obtain this avi?



Fixed errors in the position guessing strategy the algorithm employs when it cannot locate the object using the previous centroid as the starting guess. Please let me know if you uncover any bugs.

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MATLAB 7.2 (R2006a)

Inspired: MCShape

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