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Mandelbrot Set

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Nice and easy zoom to mandelbrot set



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This program uses a vecorised mandelbrot algorithm (a pretty fast algorithm from
% Lucio Andrade-Cetto which worked great for me.) I tried before the
% Fractal Explorer from Laurant Cavin, but that program was not
% running on my computer.

% Known limitations: the code is very repetitive and I appreciate any
% comments that will help to shorten the code to what is really
% required. I am new to MatLab and I tried to put the repetitive
% parts of the code into functions. However I couldn't get the code
% to work.

% The program lets you zoom easily into the Mandelbrot Set by just
% selecting a subset of the currently displayed graph and then press
% the Command Button "Apply Zoom to MandelBrot set" and the new
% calcualtion will be performed.

% I will try to add more functions to the GUI and to improve the
% code.

% Enjoy

% Any questions: jens.koopmann"at"

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Dear Image Analyst,

Thanks for the tip off. I updated the posting and I included a .fig file. Please don’t hesitate to try it again, or have a look at the Mandel121 program which executes faster and allows you more option for manipulating the Mandelbrot set.

Kind regards


Image Analyst

Image Analyst (view profile)

Can't run because the fig file was not included.



added figure file as requested by Image Analyst

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