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Biohydrodynamics Toolbox

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Tool to simulate easily the motion of moving solids or swimming robots in a potential fluid flow.



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Based on recent mathematical advances, BhT provides a collection of M-Files for design, simulation and analysis of articulated bodies' motions in fluid. More widely, BhT allows also to perform easily any kind of numeric experiments about the motion of solids in fluids (simulations of so-called fluid-structure interaction systems).
A full description with examples and demos is given in Biohydrodynamics Homepage:

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Sir, I also need to analyse hydrodynamic analysis of simple fish,can you confirm do we need any tool box in Matlab to run this package.

harry yao

This work is on of the best I have seen in Matlab center.

The 'bht_euler_rhs' is included in the M file named 'bht_traject_compute'.

harry yao

It's a very good work.
But, I guess in the M file, It's lacking 'bht_euler_rhs'.

Damian Trif

Very good work!



Update of BhT home page and demos page


Modifications of toolboox's description

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)

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