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Digital Signal Processing Using MATLAB

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Digital Signal Processing Using MATLAB


John Proakis (view profile)


21 Aug 2002 (Updated )

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Intended for use as a supplement in junior or senior-level undergraduate courses on DSP, this book aims to integrate traditional topics in DSP with MATLAB to explore difficult topics and solve problems.

MATLAB release MATLAB 5.2 (R10)
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Comments and Ratings (66)
01 Oct 2016 Faris Khan


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27 Sep 2016 F shah S shah

Hey! Plaz dont post materials like this!
My teacher copied this material And we r in trouble now.
Cz its difficult.

26 Sep 2016 Ming Yang

It's really good and easy to use!

13 Aug 2016 Jae Sik Bang

Hi I have some error

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21 Jul 2016 ricardo francisco

thank you

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21 Jul 2016 ricardo francisco

thank you

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28 Jun 2016 dp zhu

dp zhu (view profile)

great it saved me

03 Jun 2016 Syed Asif Abdullah

16 Mar 2016 Taek-Joong Kim

Very good...

15 Mar 2016 Sheikh Rameez

08 Feb 2015 Syren Py

29 Apr 2013 Vithu

Vithu (view profile)

29 Nov 2012 Vidal Trejo

21 Jan 2012 Astik

Astik (view profile)

27 Oct 2011 Ahsan

Ahsan (view profile)

Graham there is an error.... Unbalanced braces. Place one more closing bracket before last '=' sign. or

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17 Jun 2011 chirawat

Okay, I abandon to read of all. I see this function and I downloaded.

Thank yo very much.

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17 Apr 2011 Roberto Herrera-Lara

Digital Signal Processing Using MATLAB.... edition ????

22 Dec 2010 Graham Smith

does anyone else get an error trying to run some of the functions? when i try to use sigadd i get

>> sigadd(x1,n1,x2,n2)
??? In an assignment A(I) = B, the number of elements in B and
I must be the same.

Error in ==> sigadd at 21
y1(find((n>=min(n1))&(n<=max(n1))==1))=x1; % x1 with duration of y

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10 Oct 2010 hassanain khalfan

does anyone know how to open the "m" files on this e-book??

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16 May 2010 Md. Tabish Jamil

Thank U Very Much

31 Mar 2010 Roberto Tamura

Muito Obrigado.

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16 Jan 2010 nitya siddagangappa

14 Dec 2009 Ashwini

Ashwini (view profile)

Thanks for sharing .. !!

10 Oct 2008 s d

thank you

08 Sep 2008 arvind kumat


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27 Jul 2008 Rahim umar

23 Jan 2008 vishwanath patel


20 Nov 2007 murthy nssr

Thanks a lot. This helps me as I am practicing your book now.

06 Nov 2007 akhit til

15 Oct 2007 kusuma wardana


13 Oct 2007 YAS?N AKKAYA

are there anybody who is find the solutions of problem part? PLEASE SEND ME THANKS....

01 Oct 2007 eman mahmoud

23 Sep 2007 francis john portoso


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10 Aug 2007 miko osama

20 Jul 2007 vikas chowdhary

07 Jun 2007 Muhammad Sami-ul-Haq Haq

It is good but there is no solution of Problems witch is most important.
If some one have the solution of problems in DSP using MATLAB by Ingle & please send me.

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17 May 2007 stilwell wang


13 Apr 2007 Vikas Meena

06 Apr 2007 alfin hikmah

very good

29 Mar 2007 manish shere

25 Mar 2007 bellal alshqar

18 Mar 2007 aras kumar

really very useful, from students to professionals

27 Jan 2007 Keylon Duran

18 Jan 2007 rak 188

Functions go with the book: Digital Signal Processing Using MATLAB (Bookware Companion Series) (Paperback) by Vinay K. Ingle, John G. Proakis.

03 Jan 2007 Vishnuvenkatesh Dhage


there is no proper search tool and no link for related topics if that would have been it will be really helpfull

21 Oct 2006 WANG tulip

16 Oct 2006 S Sigdel

06 Oct 2006 Ma. Kristina Jane Tamisan

15 Sep 2006 Vinny Bevia

Excellent Dr.Proakis !

31 Aug 2006 Hari Sevugan

Very good example

01 Aug 2006 thang nguyen manh

29 Jun 2006 Crishtian Potes

Very good

11 May 2006 sigit prabowo


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15 Apr 2006 Chien Le Quang

Very good

30 Mar 2006 Felipe Martins

29 Mar 2006 khaled ali

very good

31 Oct 2005 deepak nayak

19 Oct 2005 Thiago Bastos

17 Sep 2005 Braulio Sakamoto

I`d like a list of solved problems in this book, could anybody help me?
Thanks, Sakamoto.

21 Jan 2005 Cold Cold

This is the 1995 version that goes with the 8 chapter book of the same year.

25 Mar 2004 abhi ranjan

simply superb

25 Mar 2004 park junseck

i want to practice problem answer or hint.

31 May 2003 yuan yubo


28 Feb 2003 lu peng

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